U.S. Bank Financial Literacy Campaign


The problem:

U.S. Bank tasked my team and I with creating content to support Financial Literacy Month, an awareness month encouraging people to establish and maintain healthy financial habits. Talking about money is still seen as taboo - even though it's important to discuss throughout the different stages of a relationship.

The approach:

Our research taught us that 38% of couples are unaware of their significant other’s debts, while a whopping 43% don’t even know how much their partner makes. How is it possible you can know so much about your partner, but not be aware of their financial situation? Using this insight we decided to create light-hearted content to encourage couples to talk about more serious topics.

We thought about all the detailed things couples know about each other and how that could be tied back to a financial question you could ask them. How they like their coffee, the name of their childhood dog, the root of their inexplicable ladybug phobia... and so on.

We challenged couples that thought they knew each other, to get to know each other even better by talking about #ToughMoneyTopics.

Concept Sketches:

The Work:

Below are the final statics and videos that I shot and edited for the campaign. These assets lived across Facebook and Instagram and included links to additional reading and resources to help consumers learn how to talk about their finances.

Video & Animated Static Content

Make room for #ToughMoneyTopics. If you're thinking of buying your first house together, read this first: bit.ly/2JT4mW3


Don't dance around it. #ToughMoneyTopics don't need to be tough. Here's advice on starting the conversation: bit.ly/2F9AqRW

If your relationship can survive furniture assembly, it can survive talking about #ToughMoneyTopics.

Leaving your dog to go to work is WAY tougher than bringing up #ToughMoneyTopics with your partner. Start the conversation with our financial compatibility quiz: bzfd.it/2K4ddEf

Carousel Images

You make time for date night, but do you make time for #ToughMoneyTopics? Try these questions to get talking.

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