eBay Holiday Campaign


The Ask:

eBay asked us to create videos that would live on Snapchat as promoted ads. The goal was to drive consideration of eBay as a gifting destination during the holiday season.

The Approach: "Exactly the right style," aimed to highlight eBay as not only a holiday hub, but the place to get your friends and family what they want, in exactly the right color/style/model/edition. Sure you can give them a new toy, boots, or cookware, but you want to find the perfect gift by finding the exactly right color and model that’s unique to their taste.

The Work:

Creating branded content that seamlessly mixes in with organic content involves understanding the way people interact with the product. The user experience of seeing an ad in the middle of viewing content from friends and family is very important; it should be enjoyable and relatable, not jarring.

I shot and edited the following videos using a stop motion photography technique. We wanted to highlight to consumers eBay's product offering using colorful, trending products and quick scene cuts to fit in with the aesthetic of Snapchat.